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School Pictures

School Pictures

This year we were excited to have our school pictures taken by our very own librarian, and published photographer, Mr. Ken Dalgarno. While the learning curve has been at times, steep, we are so incredibly thankful for Mr. and Mrs. Dalgarno and their willingness to take this on as a way to raise money for various school fundraising initiatives!

Ordering Process

The ordering process should be fairly similar to years past. Parents will receive an email with a unique online code to access their child's personal photo session (one code per child- therefore families with multiple children will receive multiple emails).  Once parents have received this email they can go to . Upon clicking this link, parents can enter their email address and unique online code to view individual photos.

Ordering and payment for these photos are done online and all photos will be shipped to the school where they will be dispersed to students. 

Retake day

A retake day will be scheduled for those students who missed the initial picture day OR for those who would like to try again. Please Click Here to register for the retake day.