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Facility Rental

Facilities Available for Rental:

  • Gym
  • Chapel
  • Individual High School Classrooms (Including Foods and Science Labs)


Please note that hourly rental rates for all rentals were increased as of July 1st, 2023

  • Monday-Friday Rentals: 3:30-10pm- $65 per hour (Chapel rentals include a $50 sound technician honorarium on top of hourly rental fee)

  • Saturday- $80 per hour to a max of 8 hours

  • Sundays and STAT Holidays- NO RENTALS AVAILABLE 

Rental Usage Information:

  • Facility Rental Form (see below) must be completed and approved by a member of the CCS office team. Completed forms can be sent to for approval. Approval will be communicated via phone or email. ***Please note that indoor baseball rentals using hard balls will NOT be approved due to risk of damage to facilities. 
  • All fees must be paid in full before rental date along with a $200 refundable damage deposit. Payments can be made via etransfer (, visa, mastercard, cash or cheques (made payable to Cornerstone Christian School). 
  • Renter must carry liability insurance in order to rent facility. To purchase renter's insurance click HERE once request has been approved by CCS office team. You will be required to register an account in order to purchase. 
  • Cornerstone Christian School assumes NO responsibility for ANY injuries that occur during the rental.
  • Renter assumes responsibility for liability and damages incurred during rental. If requested, CCS staff along with renter will be available to do a pre-rental check of facility prior to event.
  • Maintenance staff MUST be available for all rentals.
  • All gym equipment must stay IN the gym. No equipment is allowed outside. 
  • Non- CCS floor hockey sticks must have tape on the blade or they will not be allowed in the gym.
  • Renters must inform CCS a MINIMUM of 2 days in advance if they plan to use the main basketball nets as these nets require specific training to set up and will NOT be allowed to be assembled/disassembled without an approved staff member supervising.
  • If a sound technician is required during chapel rentals, CCS will hire a certified sound tech on renter's behalf. Renter will assume a $50 sound tech fee on top of the hourly rental amount charge. 




Facility Rental Agreement
As at November 16, 2023
Download (126KB)
Facility Rental- IRC Coverages Form
Facility Rental- IRC Coverages Form
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Facility Rental User Insurance Policy FAQ
Facility Rental User Insurance Policy FAQ
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