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History of CCS

History of Cornerstone

Cornerstone Christian School

A Historical Timeline



A small group of parents met to organize a Christian School for their children realizing the importance of Christian education.  Cornerstone Christian School Inc. was born.  It was like homeschooling, but on a bigger scale.  The school was located in the International Bible College building which was located at the top of the hill of Wakamow Valley.  CCS remained in this building from 1993-1995.


Aldersgate Bible College, located on the southeast side of Wakamow Valley, closed and this presented an opportunity to move the school and rent the old college.  The school remained in this building from 1995-1997.


Thunder Creek School Division granted CCS Associate School status with their division resulting in more government funding and lower tuition for parents.  Under Associate School status, the school now has a Saskatchewan Teacher’s Federation Principal.  Ms. Patty Perry became the first Principal of CCS as an Associate School holding this position for one year.


CCS moved to Hillcrest Apostolic Church building.  Dr. George Falk became the second Principal of CCS.  The number of student enrolments continued to grow resulting in more teachers and educational assistants being needed.  CCS remained in this building from 1997-1999.


With King Edward school closing, the CCS board had an opportunity to bid on the property.  The board members met and each wrote an amount of money that they could personally contribute to the bid.  They ended up with a total of $10,000.  The board put in the bid and hoped that it would be enough, and it was.  CCS bought the former King Edward School (our present location) and CCS moved into this location in the fall of 1999.  CCS was growing.  The student population had grown to 150.


The CCS board began to talk about building onto the school.  The initial plan was to build two classrooms, Room 301 (current Science Lab) and Room 302.  Construction began but became apparent it was going to take over 10 years to raise the money and pay for the addition.  While on a tour of CCS, the Thunder Creek School Division board noticed how disruptive the construction was to student learning and asked if there was anything they could do to help us speed up the process.  They offered to co-sign a loan of 1.3 million dollars so Cornerstone could be built more rapidly.  Construction began on the remainder of the building.  As construction neared completion, the expenses exceeded the budget projections and construction stopped before the school had a ventilation system, flooring, or ceilings in some classrooms.  Individuals came forward and offered thousands of dollars in private loans and donations to help the school become operational.  Some parents even volunteered to come in and help finish all the last of the cosmetic details of the new renovations until the building was finally completed in 2002.


CCS wins its very first ever provincial track and field medal.  Matt Crosbie brings home the first bronze medal in long jump.  Between 2000-2023, CCS has won at least 14 provincial medals in track and field.


This year, staff and students completely moved into the new building.      The student population boomed to over 300 students. CCS is awarded Best Overall Production at the Saskatchewan Drama Association Region 2 Drama Festival with Ants’hillvania!


Private loans that were acquired for the building construction were paid off and the mortgage begins to go down.


Dr. George Falk, Principal, takes a superintendent job at Thunder Creek School Division in April.  Mr. Scott Robertson becomes the third Principal, Miss Tanya Johnson and Mr. Lee Behrns become Vice-Principals. 


The CCS senior boys basketball team won its first ever HOOPLA gold medal in their first ever appearance and then went on to win 3 more gold medals and a bronze in the last 20 years.


Thunder Creek School Division and Moose Jaw Public School Division amalgamated to become Prairie South School Division.  CCS is now an Associate school under Prairie South School Division.


CCS and Caronport High School joined forces to produce The Shunned, a play written by Dr. George Falk, and enter it in the Saskatchewan Drama Association Region 2 Drama Festival. The Shunned is awarded Best Overall Production in Region 2 and advances to SDA’s Provincial Festival where it goes on to win Best Technical Crew and Haylee Busko is named Best Stage Manager.


Fundraising for a new playground was enhanced by insurance when a car plowed into our existing playground in the middle of a summer night. More evidence that the Lord works in mysterious ways!!!


CCS welcomes exchange students to study and further their English bringing new cultures and experiences to our school.


CCS purchased and built the new playground structure on the south side of the school with about 20 volunteers. 


As we could afford, features were added to the school.  CCS added the playground on the east side of the school, the front half of the parking lot was paved, and bus service was added.


CCS’s play Admissions is named Best Overall Production at the Saskatchewan Drama Association’s Region 2 and Provincial Festivals!


Annual Student Aid Fundraiser is introduced. What started as a Western night complete with cowboy poetry and baked beans turned into a Valentine’s Day Dessert Auction which over the last 10 years has raised over $140,000 towards our student aid budget line which makes CCS a possibility for everyone regardless of financial limitations.


A grade 11 CCS exchange student, Rung Kaophuthai, becomes the very first girls singles provincial badminton medalist in both CCS and Moose Jaw history bringing home the bronze medal.  The following year, CCS grade 9 student, Kenzie Behrns, does one better and brings home the first ever badminton provincial silver medal in girls singles for both CCS and Moose Jaw.


CCS purchased a new to us 15 passenger van for our extra-curricular teams and classes to use.  In 2022, Lori Keeler, an alumni parent and owner of RE/MAX of Moose Jaw, partnered with CCS to advertise the school and the company together.  The 15 passenger van got a makeover with both CCS and RE/MAX of Moose Jaw logos added to it producing a travelling advertisement on every road trip.


The Senior girls volleyball team makes CCS history qualifying for their first ever provincial berth finishing 9th in the province.


After over a dozen appearances over the years representing CCS at the provincial level in volleyball, CCS clinched their very first boys provincial medal bringing home the silver.


CCS pays off its 1.3 million dollar mortgage and is now mortgage free!


The senior girls basketball team makes their first ever HOOPLA appearance and win the provincial bronze medal with long time coach Mr. Block.


After 19 year as Principal, Mr. Scott Robertson retires as the longest serving Principal of CCS.  Mr. Lee Behrns is hired as the new Principal and Miss Tanya Johnson continues to serve as the Vice-Principal.  The CCS Board celebrates and commemorates our leaders of CCS with a presentation of the new “Legacy of Leaders” wall.


After years of building up the curling program, the girls curling team qualifies for provincials representing CCS in their first curling berth and finishing in 5th place in the province.   


This marks the 30th anniversary of Cornerstone Christian School Inc.  To celebrate, a reunion event inviting all CCS graduates, former and current staff and board members is planned to celebrate and commemorate this milestone year in our history.  Our student population is 265 with 18 teachers and 21 support staff.

Our Founders:

Richard and Kim Courchane

Michael and Debby Dombowsky

Bernie & Charlotte Dombowsky        

Lou and Thelma Goszleth                                          

Leo and Anna Gusztak        

Ralph and Lynn Howes

Russ and Laurie Lunde        

Doug and Eleanor Snyder