The Office School Donations and Sponsorship

School Donations and Sponsorship


 We are so grateful for our generous donors! Donations are a key component to helping CCS run the programming that we do! 

Would you like to donate to our mission at Cornerstone Christian School? 

  • We accept donations in the following forms: Visa, Mastercard, Cheques, Cash and etransfers. Etransfers can be emailed to  
  • Student Tuition Donations: Charitable Donation receipts for the eligible tuition portion are issued yearly in February for the previous school year.  So for example if your child attended school in 2016-2017, the receipt would be issued in February 2018.  The receipt is for the eligible religious education portion of the tuition made during that school year. It is determined after the year end has been completed and filed with CRA.
  • Other Charitable donations made during the calendar year will be receipted in February.  For example: any donation made during 2017 would be receipted in February 2018.
  • Charitable donation receipts are issued for donations that meet the school’s charitable mission.

For further clarification contact the CCS  main office either via phone at 306-693-2937 or by Clicking Here