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Prairie South School Division has 38 schools located within 19 rural and urban communities. The Division encompasses 32, 747 square kilometres (12, 643 square miles) of southern Saskatchewan. Prairie South School Division encompasses rural and urban communities with one large city at its heart, Moose Jaw, where the school division head office is located. Five Hutterian colonies and two associate schools are also located within the Division boundaries, one of which is Cornerstone Christian School.

Cornerstone Christian School is an associate school with Prairie South School Division enrolling students in grades Kindergarten through 12. Associate schools in the province of Saskatchewan have entered into an agreement with a school division and operate as schools within the division, following division policies and procedures. As an associate school, Cornerstone Christian School follows provincial curriculum policy, provides approved curricular programs and employs only professional “A” teachers who are full members of the provincial teachers’ organization
(Saskatchewan Teachers Federation) and receive the same benefits and rights as all other school division teachers. Associate schools are recognized and receive partial funding from the Government of Saskatchewan through their respective school divisions. As an associate school, Cornerstone Christian School can also be described as an independent school that was established for faith-based reasons and entered into a contractual agreement with a board of education (Prairie South School Division) to operate in association with that board. Cornerstone Christian School was founded in 1993 and became an associate school in 1997.

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