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The Nest: Faith Formation @ Home

I often remark to parents: “you don’t send your child(ren) to Cornerstone. Rather, you invite us to be a part of your home-team.” Ultimately, we know that each student is entrusted to us for a season but you, as parents, have a vision for who you desire your child(ren) to become long after grade 12.

For this reason, we are committed to providing and curating a library of resources for you in the work of faith formation at home. Here on this page, you’ll find our latest edition of “The Nest: A CCS Resource for Faith Formation at Home.” As well, I curate an ever-growing list of books, websites, and other resources to equip you in the parenting journey. Many of these are available to you through our library. If you’re looking for a resource, please contact: 

We’re in this together, friends. If we can ever provide a listening ear, a supportive shoulder, or a companion for the season you’re in – please reach out. Finally, these are not limited to CCS families. If you know someone who would benefit from anything here – share freely and widely! We believe when the family is stronger, everyone is. 

The Nest- Volume 2 Issue 1
Download (2765KB)
The Nest- Issue Nine
One Word
Download (1874KB)
The Nest- Issue Seven
Advent Reflection- Part 1
Download (1757KB)
The Nest- Issue Six
Thermostats and Thermometers
Download (1905KB)
The Nest- Issue Five
Whose Game is it Anyway?
Download (1981KB)
The Nest- Issue Four
Dr. Adewumi weighs on in seasonal depression
Download (1599KB)
The Nest- Issue Three
Togetherness & Tethering . . .
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The Nest- Issue Two
Let's Talk Tech
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The Nest- Issue One
What's Your Game Plan?
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