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Parent Partnership Agreement

Parent Partnership Agreement

Parent involvement is crucial to the success of Cornerstone Productions!

 Parent commitment and volunteer service:

  •  Reduces production costs
  •  Increases community amongst CCS families, students, and staff
  •  Assists & supports the directors and other production staff volunteers
  •  Is an expression of a family’s commitment to CCS productions

 Parents of cast or crew will:

  1. Attend the production and promote it among my family & friends
  2. Ensure that their child attends rehearsals
  3. Provide transportation to and from rehearsals and other venues as required
  4. Assist with strike (take-down) at the Mae Wilson Theatre, including the return of all production elements to CCS

          **Mandatory minimum one parent/guardian per family must assist

  1. If involvement in strike is not possible, donations are accepted
  2. Sign up to assist with: (check all that interest you)
    • o Costuming (one or more of: cutting, sewing, mending, fitting, ironing, etc.)
    • o Set construction
    • o Set up at the Mae Wilson Theatre (usually on the Friday prior to opening night)
    • o Set painting
    • o Props
    • o Hair & Make-up
    • o Backstage supervision
    • o Security
    • o Refreshments for cast, crew, and/or orchestra
    • o Donation or sponsorship to assist with production costs

 Note that different productions require different areas of assistance.  This is a general overview and may be adjusted pending the specific demands of each production. For example, parent volunteer requirements are often substantially less for the annual one act play.