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CCS Student Online Course Opportunities

CCS Students wanting to take Online Courses

Students are provided with the opportunity to take courses online through distance learning that we do not offer at CCS on a regular rotation or if the demand is not there.  Over the past number of years, students at CCS have taken multiple online courses in addition to their options here at CCS such as:  Computer Science, Graphic Arts, French, Forensic Science, Creative Writing, Computer Aided Drafting. Power Engineering, Life Transitions, Cosmetology just to name a few. 

We want to see students succeed!  If there are struggles within the classroom setting at CCS in areas such as completing assignments or failing grades, they may not be a candidate for the online course method.  Students must be very disciplined to succeed with an online course.  They work on their own to complete the course with a teacher facilitating the course through predominant email correspondence.  That teacher is in direct contact with the student, the parents and our online co-ordinating teacher here at CCS to give the assignments, exams and advise on their progress through email. 


Approval Process

There is an Administrative approval procedure in place for online courses.  Students must complete an application, a Financial Agreement and provide a $250 deposit before any approval and/or registration into any online course takes place.  Once the approval procedure is complete, our online co-ordinating teacher registers the student into the course.  The student will receive an email and a link from the online distance learning teacher with instructions on how to get started.  The online course is completed on the student’s own time – whether that is in a spare, at lunch or at home.  Approval will be determined based on current or previous academic engagement and performance and priority will be given and based on program completion (Grade 12 graduation requirements, etc.).  Students may take and be approved for up to a maximum of 2 online courses per school year.



  • The online course fees range between $500-$600 depending on school division.  CCS will pay the online course fees to the appropriate school division and refund the pre-collected $250 deposit to the student or parent/guardian provided the student completes the course with a passing grade.
  • If the student does not obtain a passing grade, ensuring completion of the course, the $250 deposit will be retained and the remainder of the course fees will be charged to the student and/or their parent/guardian.
  • If a student withdraws from the course before the withdrawal date set out by the specific school division, the $250 deposit will be refunded.
  • If a student withdraws from the course after the withdrawal date set out by the specific school division, it will be parent/guardian’s responsibility to pay the penalties charged to CCS at the time of the withdrawal (up to a maximum of $600).


List of Online Courses

Online courses are offered by numerous school divisions throughout the Province of Saskatchewan.  For a listing of available online courses and school divisions, please Click HERE.


Application to Register

If you are a CCS student who would like to register to take an online course, please see Mrs. Behrns for an updated copy of the Online Course Registration Form.  



 If you have any questions regarding online courses, please contact .