Admissions Application Process
High School Students

Application Process

Step 1- Print off the application forms or visit the CCS Office to get a printed copy. 

Step 2- Fill out completed application (CCS Application Form plus Pastoral Reference) and submit along with your child's most recent report card  to the CCS Office via email at , by fax at 306-694-1880 or in person to the CCS Office (43 Iroquois St E). 

Please note: All three items (Pastoral Reference, CCS application form, and most recent report card) will need to be submitted in order for your application to be reviewed. 

Step 3- A staff member from CCS will contact you to arrange an interview (if necessary) with the principal. This interview is designed to get to know you and your child and is not meant to intimidate in any way. It is our intent to have a great relationship with you and your child and this is the first step in building that relationship. Please come prepared to ask any questions that you might have about CCS.   

Step 4- Your application will be reviewed by the admissions team.  

Step 5- You will be contacted with the results of the application review either by phone or email. 

 If your application has been approved...

Step 6- A formal acceptance letter will be sent by mail (and occasionally by email if mailing is not possible ) along with an acceptance package. This acceptance package will include the following papers to be completed and submitted to the CCS Office at the earliest possible time.

Family Info/Medical Form

Financial Contract

Cumulative School Records Form

Bus Registration Form (if requested)

Canteen Account Registration Form

Volunteer Form

Media Release Form

Computer Usage Agreement

Step 7- A CCS Staff member will contact parent to confirm information as it appears on the child's birth certificate. If a birth certificate is not available then confirmation will be acceptable through a current Saskatchewan health card or a Government Issued Passport.