Student Life Athletics
Cross Country Running

Elementary Cross Country

Coach: Mr. Scott Martens


Cross Country Running is available for students from grades 4-8.  It’s a great way for students to improve their fitness, challenge themselves and have fun outside.  Athletes will be running with students their own age from across the city.  All are welcome regardless of skill or experience.  If students want to join, they can just show up at the first event at Sunningdale.  Parents are responsible for transportation.  All they need is running shoes and comfortable clothes.

1) Location: Sunningdale School/Course in Park East of School (unless indicated)

2) Dates: First Practice Meet – Wednesday Sept. 14

Second Practice Meet- Wednesday Sept. 21

SPECIAL Meet- at Wakamow Valley – Wed. Sept. 28

South Central District Meet at Wakamow (grade 7’s and 8’s only) – Wed. Oct. 5

Pee Wee, Bantam, Intermediate, Junior, Senior.- Championship Meet – Wed. Oct.12

Alternate city championship date (because of bad weather) – Thurs. Oct. 13

All meets (@ Sunningdale) will begin at 4 pm on the assigned dates. Events may be either postponed or canceled due to inclement weather but it will have to be REALLY bad and a safety concern.

3) Ages and Distances: Cross Country events are designed for students who are in grades 4-8, but are organized into the following age classes.

Pee Wee born in 2012 or later 1076m                       Bantam born in 2011 1076m

Intermediate born in 2010 1653m                              Junior born in 2009 1653m

Senior born in 2008 or 2007 1653m