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One Acts

Competitive One Act Festival

What is One Act Festival?

It is a drama competition where schools vie for a chance to advance to Saskatchewan Drama Association’s Provincial One Act Festival.  All plays are less than 60 minutes long and are judged by both Front of House and Back Stage adjudicators.  Acting and the technical aspects are evaluated using a marking system.  Each play receives feedback in a production workshop with the adjudicators.  The play with the highest marks goes on to compete at the Provincial Festival at the University of Regina in May. 

 When and Where is One Act Festival?

The regional festival happens in early spring and is held in the Centennial Auditorium at AE Peacock Collegiate. Provincial Festival happens the first week in May at the University of Regina. 

 Why Should a Student Participate in One Acts?

Besides being SO MUCH FUN…

  •  It’s a unique way to serve & glorify God by using the abilities He gives each of us and to minister to our peers in other schools.
  •  It’s a great way of learning how to do drama in a professional way.
  • To see other great high school productions and get to know students from around the province.

 Who Can be Involved?

Drama festival is primarily designed for high school students.  Cornerstone students in grades 7-12 are welcome to audition and/or join the technical crew. Occasionally we invite younger students to be in the cast depending on the needs of the play.

 Selected Regional & Provincial Awards

  • Runner Up Best Overall Production (Boxes) 2019
  • Best Stage Crew (Boxes) 2019
  • Dr. George Falk Ensemble Award (Boxes) 2019
  • Best Stage Manager (Boxes) 2019
  • Runner-Up Best Overall Production 2018
  • Best Visual Production 2018
  • Best Technical Production 2018
  • Bob Hinitt Technical Performance Award 2018
  • Best Stage Manager 2018
  • Best Stage Crew 2018
  • George Falk Memorial Ensemble Award 2017
  • Best Stage Manager 2017
  • Runner-up Best Technical Production 2017
  • Runner-Up Bob Hinitt Technical Performance Award 2017
  • Runner-up Best Overall Production 2016
  • Best Visual Production 2016
  • Best Stage Crew 2016
  • Mary Ellen Burgess Award for Excellence in Acting 2016
  • Best Characterization Award 2016
  • Most Promising Stage Manager 2016
  • Best Technical Production 2015
  • Best Stage Manager 2015
  • Best Technical Production 2014
  • Best Stage Manager 2014
  • Best Stage Crew 2014
  • Best Overall Provincial Production 2013
  • Best Provincial Stage Manager 2013
  • Best Overall Production 2013
  • Best Technical Crew 2012
  • Best Technical Provincial Production 2009
  • Best Overall Production 2009
  • Best Technical Crew 2007
  • Best Provincial Stage Manager 2006
  • Best Provincial Stage Crew 2006
  • Best Overall Production 2006
  • Best Technical Production 2005
  • Best Visual Production 2005
  • Best Visual Production 2004
  • Best Overall Production 2002
  • Runner-Up Best Overall Regional Production 2001