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Principal's Message

Welcome to Cornerstone Christian School!  This is an amazing place, with a God given mission and purpose to partner with parents to prepare children to not only survive, but thrive in a world that is increasingly secular in nature.  God has created each student for a purpose, at Cornerstone we want to give students the opportunity to find that purpose through a variety of experiences, including athletics, drama, music, practical and applied arts, student leadership and mission opportunities.  At Cornerstone students get to be part of a family of K-12 students allowing opportunities for mentoring and interaction with students of all ages.  Our staff sees the opportunity to minister to and teach our students as a God given mission and vocation, it’s no wonder that our turnover rate for staff is extremely low.  I have been at Cornerstone for 19 years now.  I am energised and inspired every day I get to come in here and work with this special group of teachers, staff, and students.