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Casting Philosophy

CCS Casting Philosophy

(Applies to the casting of roles and to the assignment of technical crew duties)

 The casting of roles is part of the reality of putting on a theatre production.  Please trust our production team to make the best decisions for the students involved and the show as a whole.  From time to time students or parents may be unhappy with the assignment of roles. We understand how much this experience means to our students and parents; however, not everyone can or will receive a feature or lead role.

 Theatre is about community and in the spirit of community we take an ensemble approach. Every cast member is important to the finished piece. This does not mean that every cast member will have the same number of lines or features in a show.  For us, theatre is about the process of working together as a team to put on amazing show and the individual journey students will go on to be a part of something they (and their parents) can be so proud of. If a student’s or parent’s goal is for stardom, then this is definitely not the program for you.

 Casting is done by our team and takes many things into account including (but not limited to): age, experience, maturity, vocal range, acting ability, physical size, schedules, past commitment to CCS productions, and behavior during previous productions.  Each decision is difficult for our team. We must do what is best for the play as a whole. We always work to cast the student with best combination of skills that fit the role, in a role he/she can handle. Therefore, directors’ casting decisions are final will not be discussed with students or parents.