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A Special Message From Scott Robertson


Thank you for your interest in Cornerstone Christian School. This is a very vital and exciting place to be for many of our students. If you are picking up an application you are probably pondering many of the same things that many of our current parents have in making their decision to send their children to Cornerstone. I hope that the information on this web site helps to answer many of those questions and I would encourage you to talk to us further if you have questions or concerns not covered on this site.

Cornerstone Christian School is a place where we attempt to integrate the truth of the Bible through out the curriculum. We are a school first and value academic excellence, however, we believe that each child was created for a purpose and calling and we desire to help each student find that purpose and prepare them for the life that God has intended for them.

We offer strong programs in athletics, drama, and music but we seek to minister to the soul of each student as well. Working with the many different churches represented by close to 300 students in this school we seek to develop strong Christian character in our students that will stand the tests of time, peers, and the travails of life.

I hope that you will prayerfully consider Cornerstone Christian School as a part of your commitment to your child’s future here on earth and in eternity.

Scott Robertson,