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Parent Experiment


 Doesn't it feel like that some days? I think I'd feel safer mixing explosive chemicals than getting my kids to sit at a family meal, do their homework, stop fighting, and walk past the toy section at Walmart without a metldown!

Not to mention what is involved in raising responsible and healthy adults who grow up in a world of technology, a culture that is shaming, and media that is relentless.

When so much seems out of our control - the experiment is designed to examine what is:

  1. We're not alone
  2. We can learn from one another
  3. We can discover new things
  4. We can love each other when nothing seems to work

Each month, we invite parents from our Kindergarten to Grade 3 cohorts, to participate in a 60-90 minute experience that emphasizes these four principles. Along with building a support team to navigate the single most formative experience of your students life (school!), we also want to build a community that opens communication, builds trust, and clarifies the objective.

Further to that, we recognize that there are significant challenges facing our teenagers today. Another goal of The Parent Experiment is to begin to resource one another with resources and research done by some of the leading experts in student and person development, so that we can consider if we should make adjustments earlier in the parenting journey.


Disclaimer: we don't have to change everything!

In fact, research indicates there are only a few things - vital behaviours - that if we leverage, can make a significant influence in person and student development. Each month we'll take a look at some of the resources available within our community and from experts around the world who are passionate about developing healthy students and families.

There will be a resource table available for parents each month as well as an Recent Reads list for you to access via our website.