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Middle & High School Chapel

Middle and High School Chapel

Tuesdays (gr. 9-12) and Thursdays (gr. 6-8), we gather for thirty minutes to intentionally engage in practices of worship through singing, prayer, and scripture. 

Our chapels typically follow a pattern of chapels that emphasize a single theme or practice:

  •  Worship Chapel - a combined chapel with MS/HS that primarily involves singing and prayer
  • Prayer Chapel - an interactive or guided prayer time that engages personal, group, and corporate prayer
  • Bible Study - These 'chapels' take place in the students classroom, instead of the regular chapel gathering. In these 30 minute sessions we dive into a specific book of the Bible and engage in smaller group dialogue
  • Culture Chapel - A focused chapel as it relates to a modern theme/cultural concept that is evaluated through the lens of scripture and encourages discernment in our students engagement
  • Theme Chapel - Each year we designate a 'School Theme' and as part of the chapel rotation and these chapels are more of your typical 'message-based' chapels highlighting a component of how we are to live our faith as students and disciples of Jesus.

Chapel Posture:

Imagine yourself floating in space or drifting in the ocean. This is a terrifying reality. The vastness alone is overwhelming. Pair this with a sense of powerlessness and an anxiety of, "How do I get out of here?", and we struggle in fear, grasp in hope, and call out for help. I see this as a metaphor of students in our culture and world.

Now imagine the difference when you are tethered to the space shuttle or thrown a buoy. The vastness doesn't shrink, the dangers aren't any less real - but your security in the midst has changed radically.

To this end, our goal is not to avoid the dangers and vastness of our world and culture. Our goal is first and foremost a protection from the dangers (although, I will emphasize we don't just lunge unnecessarily into culture). Instead our goal is faith practice and integration. Which means we have less fear of the 'world' because we have more 'security' in the gospel. Our hope is that our students are tethered in their faith by identifying themselves in Jesus Christ and His Lordship, as revealed through Scripture and the global church.

 Chapel Highlights & Podcasts

 Please follow the links below to watch and/or listen to recent topics and chapel presentations.