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K-5 Chapel

K-5 Chapel

General - Tree to StakeNurturing & Inspiring.

When I was a kid, my dad planted trees all around our yard. Now, in Newfoundland we actually have hills! This would mean that throughout the day there was be an uneven distribution of sunlight. This matters because plants bend toward the light.  

Particularly as saplings you could see how their growth direction was determined by the sunlight exposure they received. So in response my dad would do something really important. He would tie off the sapling to a stake that would nurture vertical growth.

Student development is not all that different. Thus in our elementary chapel we aim toward to important things:

  1. Exposure to the inspiring light of Christ - students bend toward what gives them light and love and affirmation. To this, our goal is to help them grasp the message of the gospel, the person of God, and the hope we have through Jesus as He is revealed in scripture.
  2. Nurturing the authority of scripture - as we navigate these formative years, the goal we're aiming for is yes, the content of the bible, but more importantly a posture of reverence toward the scripture. Students may not be ready by age 5 to understand the full application of the scripture, but it at least needs to be acknowledged as a voice in their formation. 

In this way, our elementary chapel serves, in keeping with the metaphor, to be an inspiring source of light and nurturing a posture of vertical growth in faith. 

chapel themes and topics:

In the 2017-2018 school year, we'll be covering the parables of Jesus and the characteristics of God.

Check back here to view highlights and object lessons from our chapel times. Further, please always know that parents are welcome to join at chapel on Wednesday and Friday mornings @ 8:40 am. (Just be sure to follow our visitor check-in through the office, thank you!)

Chapel highlights and lessons:

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