Academics 10-12 Courses for Credit Descriptions

10 Level Courses

Career & Work Experience 10 

This program provides students with an opportunity to experience the “real” world of work and gain an understanding of the skills, responsibilities  and attitude required within the workplace. CWEX helps students to explore occupations of interest, encourage future plans/education, job references and possible future employment. This program builds community connections and truly engages students in a practical way that will empower and equip students for lifelong learning.

CE 10

This class will focus on learning about Jesus and building a relationship with him. This class will also put a focus on the importance of serving others.

Choir 10 

The specific aim of the choral program is to enable students to experience the joy of singing and to understand and value a variety of musical expressions throughout life. The following are the specific goals of Choral 10, 20, AND 30. By participating in the choral program, students will: acquire the skills, abilities, understandings and attitudes necessary to express themselves vocally as individual singers and as members of a choral ensemble, judge music from both producer and consumer perspectives, and value and appreciate music from a variety of cultural and historical contexts.

 Students also have the opportunity of working with fantastic clinicians in local festivals in Regina and Moose Jaw, along with many performance opportunities throughout the year.  The CCS choirs have had the joy of working with such renowned people and groups such as the Tenors, Tenore and David Wise.

ELA 10 A

ELA 10 A explores the theme of Challenges and Decision Making that shape who students are as individuals and a society. Students will study various texts, media etc. to better understand the influences that surround decisions and have opportunities to create and respond to the theme through world and biblical viewpoints.

ELA 10 B

ELA 10 B explores the themes of Equity and Perspectives that shape who students are as individuals and a society. Students will study variety of texts, such as poems, plays, novels, short stories, etc. to better understand the influences that surround decisions and have opportunities to create and respond to the themes through world and biblical viewpoints.

Food Studies 10 (2 Year Rotation) 

Food Studies 10 students practise and learn to prepare nutritional food in a safe, hands-on environment.  Students learn the practical skills and knowledge for cooking, baking and preparing a wide variety of food and have the opportunity to develop independence and resourcefulness. It is important to learn to prepare basic food in order to choose healthy options for personal and family well-being.  This increases self-reliance. Learning objectives develop skills that are needed for life.

History 10

History 10 explores how our modern, industrialized, democratic societies came to be. The class will examine the changes in European society and culture from the mid-18th century to World War I that have shaped today's western worldview.

Math Foundations and Pre-Calculus 10

This course is the start of two pathways that students can take leading them into non-mathematical intensive courses (Topics include: algebra, conditional statements, functions, geometry, measurement, probability, proofs, inductive and deductive reasoning, set theory and statistics) or mathematical intensive courses (Topics include: measurement, trigonometry, factors and products of whole numbers and polynomial expressions, irrational numbers in both radical and exponent forms, relations and functions, linear functions and graphing).

Math Workplace and Apprenticeship 10

Students will explore math as it is used in various workplaces such as accounting, construction, and  architecture. Units include Money, Measurement, Geometry, and Trigonometry.

Practical and Applied Arts A 10-Woods & Motors 

Intro to shop safety and woodworking tools.  Students will learn to frame a small wall, apply drywall, tape and mud and paint.  They will then have to repair a hole in the wall and apply trim around the windows and doors.  Students will learn to use table saw, mitre saw, brad nailer, and cordless drills.  The motors component is comprised of an intro to mechanics tools, and the disassembly and reassembly of a 3-5 HP small engine.  Students will learn to use wrenches, ratchets and sockets, air tools, and gear pullers.

Science 10

This course addresses three major themes: Climate and Ecosystem Dynamics, Chemical Reactions, and Force and Motion in Our World. Students will have the opportunity to explore these aspects of God's creation as they consider which area of Science they would like to pursue in future semesters.

Wellness 10 

A class looking at the various aspects of a person’s well-being.  Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.