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PE Sessions - Fall 2017

The Parent Experiment Kick-Off!

Wednesday, September 20:

7:00 pm @ the Yara Centre, Moose Jaw. 

Free structured and supervised play will be available for students while the parents meet upstairs in a meeting room overlooking the field. With an eye on our students, we will cast a vision for our future as parents and families.

Wednesday, October 25th

6:30 pm @ Cornerstone Christian School

Having had a chance to experience a month of 'routine' and connect a little - now we dig into what we're trying to accomplish. Focusing on the 'goals' of Christian Education we will look to get clear about what our common values and objectives are in student formation.

Wednesday, November 22nd

6:30 pm @ Cornerstone Christian School

It's crazy season heading into crazier season. Routines are in full swing. Time seems to be zipping by. The goal here is literally to slow down the crazy. When we feel like things are going a mile a minute, we don't have to change everything. Actually, we only have to change small things. This month, we'll focus on small habits that make a huge difference in student development.

WEdnesday, December 6th

6:30 pm @ Cornerstone Christian School

Up for air. It's a break before the break. Come in for some early Christmas cookies and let's take a look back at the fall and get a head start on how we want to start the New Year. At this point, we all deserve a break - so let's take one together.

(Each month, there will be a podcast session posted that reviews and dives deeper into the session for that month. Please check back and watch our social media feeds to see when these go live!)